Society needs permanent home

I feel proud and blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization, one that I believe is a leading child care provider in our province.

I feel proud and blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization, one that I believe is a leading child care provider in our province.

The North Okanagan Child Care Society is such a wonderful place to come into each day. Children are happy and engaged in various activities and projects, families smile, laugh and joke as they connect with each other and the staff in the halls.

All 50-plus staff members walk through the doors each day with smiles on their faces ready to provide the children and families with a safe, comforting and engaging environment.

NOCCS is under the executive director of Hollie Henderson, a passionate and compelling educator with a true understanding of quality service, education and care. NOCCS is unique as it offers a wide variety of leading edge early learning philosophies for families to choose from.

Families can enrol their children in everything from Montessori to High Scope to Reggio styles of programming as they see fit for their child.

Many NOCCS programs follow an emergent curriculum model, a leading edge model that tailors the environment as well as the activities to the individual needs of the children.

This allows children to take control over their own learning and build their skills at their own pace. As they master one stage, the next stage is ready for them to conquer.

This ensures a lifelong love of learning and future success.

The common theme in all NOCCS programs is that children are strong, competent and capable of constructing their own knowledge and learning journey.

The educators at NOCCS are trained professionals who are dedicated and passionate people working to ensure that children are recognizing their own potential and working towards developing themselves each day. NOCCS also works closely with NONA Child Development Centre to ensure the needs of every child are being met as best as possible.

NOCCS is a community hub that welcomes and encourages community involvement and support.

We have connections with various seniors facilities, the arts community, local sports teams, local high school students and many community members who volunteer their time with us regularly.

NOCCS is currently in need of a permanent home. We are hoping that our West Vernon location will be that home as we serve the needs in our community through this great location.

West Vernon currently serves more than 200 children from birth to age 12 and their families each day through 10 programs and has more than 150 children and their families on our wait list to join and participate in our facility.

A permanent home for NOCCS would mean that we would have the ability to expand and accommodate families on our wait lists, create much needed quality employment for early childhood educators in our community and provide the children with a true home away from home each day in a building that would be tailored to their needs.

The West Vernon building was built for much older children and is in need of renovations and updating to truly make it applicable to the children who attend each day.

If West Vernon does become our home, the staff and families are excited to work towards this goal.

Katrina Hobart

NOCCS program co-ordinator