Some observations

I moved to Vernon last October from the Lower Mainland

I moved to Vernon last October from the Lower Mainland. Love it here. I’m 65 this summer and working at improving several agricultural properties in the area.

Let’s set the tone. I’m anti-HST (due to the fact that the Liberals said they would not introduce the combined tax and restaurant meals are now simply outrageous).

On most issues, I’m on the cool side of red-neck. What got my goat in a recent edition was “cyclists” and “annexation.”

I live on Bella Vista Road below the Rise on an acreage. Cyclists dominate this area, especially on weekends, leaving motorists little choice but to move around the curves slowly, awaiting their healthful pleasures.

Why should we be forced to subsidize road space to cyclist encroachment when their use dictates neither a license (for common sense use) or any form of regulation similar to that enforced on motor vehicles for training or taxation?

If it in fact exists, it’s minimal and outrageously incompetent in outcome! You’ll get your usual spate of replies on my attitude from cyclists.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind slowing down, but it’s time to get the jerks off the road or correct the obvious training and licensing deficiencies. They don’t own the road!

As for the annexation issue, I applied in January 2009 to get my Pottery Road property brought into the City of Vernon from NORD simply to get access to the Vernon sewer facility that runs up Pottery Road.

There was no other choice for sewer access and certainly no NORD building solution. A simple request and well within the city and provincial guidelines. To date, nothing. Annexation needs cabinet approval, small consolation for the little people!

I don’t blame the city as it seems to be mired in the provincial politics. Campbell and his replacement simply can’t grasp the imperatives of small communities and expedite their local needs.

I can’t say it’s a hard life here, but challenges that stick in my craw do prevail.

Al Wilson