Sovereign Park

Art Sovereign and family left the Coldstream community a wonderful legacy in Sovereign Park.

We have been fortunate to enjoy the beach and facilities for the past few years.

However this year, there have been several incidents at the park, particularly at the beach, which are of grave safety concerns.

The beach at Sovereign is used by many people on a daily basis, and especially by families with small children. Since motor boats have been allowed on the lake, there have been several occasions when the motor boats have come right on to the beach to pick up passengers or to dock for a while.

When told they are not to come into the swimming area, they can be very confrontational.

Recently, two boats came to the beach in a half-hour period. Buoys that marked the swimming area are not well placed. It does not appear that the beach or surrounding water is being properly monitored.

Also, dog owners are bringing their dogs to the beach where young children play in spite of the many signs saying no dogs in the park.

When I contacted Coldstream municipality, I was told, “This is not our responsibility.”

Just whose responsibility is it? The way this park is currently being managed is not a good testament to Art Sovereign’s intentions.

Edie Watt