Spall plan still in very early stages

EDITORIAL: Too early to tell how major upgrades to property in Spallumcheen will be received

There could be excitement brewing over a significant property proposal in Spallumcheen.

There could also be significant opposition to the idea.

A conceptual plan from a property owner in the township’s southeast sector, the north sub-area (between Larkin Cross Road and Head Road), was unveiled Monday. The  proposal calls for an official community plan land use designation change that would drastically change the look of the property.

The proposal calls for land uses for multi- and single-family dwellings, commercial uses, a possible school site, green space and environmentally sensitive areas for the 500+ hectare property. Existing manufactured homes in the three parks in the sub-area would stay the same.

Figures estimate that 2,500 housing units could be built on the property over time, bringing another 6,000 people to the township.

While there’s excitement on the part of some council members, there are still tons of questions that need to be asked and answered about the plan.

Before the anti-development crowd starts rallying its troops, it is important to remember that this plan is conceptual only, and that the township has not committed to anything at this point.

There’s been no word yet on what the project would cost, and there’s concerns from the township’s planning department over water and sewer servicing.

Council did pass planning’s recommendation to consider the proposal, but there are still several factors the developer must meet before the bylaw proposing the land use change is given first reading.

The public would have its say on the plan should the bylaw reach second reading and a public hearing is called.

It’s a development that will forever change the look of the township, and must be given due consideration.

Vernon Morning Star