Special care

Resident recounts her experiences at the Polson Special Care facility

Regarding the news article on the death of a resident in the Polson Special Care facility.

I would like to speak for my family about the excellent care my husband received from the staff at Polson Special.

We found the staff to be extraordinarily caring and helpful for the residents, using excellent behaviour management techniques to manage anxious or angry residents, and understanding the needs of residents that are not able to speak for themselves.

The staff is very well informed about dementia and the type of care people need at this stage in their disease.

We always found the staff to be professional and helpful for both my husband and our family. At no time did I doubt their ability to take excellent care of my husband.

It was a very unfortunate incidence that resulted in a death of a resident. I would like to support the staff during this difficult time.


Donna Antonishak