Speed is the problem

Resident targets motorists along Highway 97 north of Vernon

Yes, good idea. Let us prohibit left turns at Stickle Road and extend 20th Street, burying the flora and fauna in the area beneath a layer of asphalt.

And who cares about the approximately 40 families living on the west side of the highway at that intersection?

They can still make a right turn to go to Vernon for shopping or whatever. They are just not allowed to return home. I suppose they could return by railway.

The only alternative that I can see is that they drive all the way to the highway intersection at Swan Lake Nurseryland, go under the overpass and swing around and ramp back onto the highway heading south.

Our biggest problem lies in speed.

I have been driving for more than 50 years and have yet to see two stationary vehicles collide.

One gentleman states that he drives that stretch at 90 kilometres per hour and cars are always passing him.

I believe he could amend that to say that a least 50 per cent of the cars are passing him. I drive from Swan Lake Nurseryland to Vernon two round trips a day with cruise control at 90 and have clocked one sports car driver at 135 kilometres per hour.

I have also clocked three pickups at 125 kilometres per hour. Most of the other vehicles are traveling at a slower pace of 100 to 115.

Prohibiting left turns on to the highway is akin to telling citizens to stay in their homes so they do not interfere with the marauders roaming the streets.

We are in dire need of two safety measures on that stretch of highway.

The first is speed limit enforcement, which is non-existent, and the second is a controlled four-point access and egress.

Jim Davis