Speed the issue

Resident says there is a problem with vehicles going too fast on Highway 97

No matter where you drive in Vernon, drivers do not pay attention to the speed limit. They’re either doing 10 miles over the speed limit or as fast as they can go if there are no cars in front of them.

The idea of putting a traffic light at Stickle Road is asking for trouble.

The light would be a long light since most of the traffic is coming both ways on Highway 97, and there will be drivers who will not wait for the light to change.

They will go through the red light as soon as there is a break in traffic.

Since Stickle Road is not far from the overpass that goes over  the highway, they are going to have to put a warning light to advise drivers that a red light intersection is ahead.

Since most drivers don’t do the speed limit of 70 kilometres an hour over the bridge, there will be drivers going through on yellow, and yes even on red.

You have a lot of transport trucks using that highway. It’s going to be interesting, because lots of them don’t pay attention to the speed limit over the bridge until they have go into the weigh station.

It’s going to break the flow of traffic that flies down that stretch of highway, way above the posted speed limit.

I was driving to Kelowna recently, doing 10 miles above the posted speed. My wife told me to slow down because I was going too fast.

I was breaking the flow of traffic. I was not going fast enough because cars were passing like I was doing 30 kilometres an hour.

I hope the powers-to-be go ahead and put a no left-hand turn on to Highway 97 off of Stickle Road, and maybe we will save lives because people are just too impatient.

Robert Slomen