Speed zone

Okanagan Landing Road school zone, fronting Ellison Elementary, unwarranted

I fail to understand why we on “The Landing” are subjected to a 30 kph speed limit near the Fulton Road/Okanagan Landing Road (Ellison Elementary) school area.

It is ludicrous that vehicles are required to decrease their speed when the children are able to walk on a lovely path on the south side of the road, or, a frontage road on the north side.

They are not (or should not) be on Okanagan Landing Road.

Why are not similar speed zones on 27th Street which has a high school and an elementary but no school speed zones?

What about Alexis Park school? No 30 kph speed zones there!

The biggest offenders of the speed zone at/near the intersection of OK Landing Road and Fulton are the parents who are dropping off their children and are running late.

Whoever has designated this portion of road as a school zone should rescind this silly speed limit, and take down those handmade posters on the signs while they’re at it.


Penny S. Coon, Vernon