Sport deserves better

Local resident speaks out in support of pickleball and its participants

Here we go again with another article in The Morning Star newspaper about pickleball and the noise. Now dust is added to the complaint.

You take two tennis courts with a maximum of eight players and you take the same tennis courts and you can make eight pickleball courts with a maximum of 32 players.

Four times the amount of players means more noise, yes.

I guess tennis players have rackets and balls that are silent and the players don’t make a sound.

How about slowpitch and Funtastic?

I guess the same for them, with silent bats and balls, no cheering, no yelling and no dust because of dust-controlled cars and footwear.

The same for soccer.

I go could go on and on about each and every sport that makes noise and has some dust.

What I do see is a very small group with very small minds that has nothing better to do with its time but to bellyache.

What makes a senior sport, is it pickleball?

No, because any age can play just like tennis or slowpitch.

The game is played by more seniors, yes. But it is one sport that is easier to play with less injuries, has camaraderie, new friends to be made, sportsmanship, competition and exercise, plus what ever a sport has to offer.

Maybe it is about time the reporters do something on positive reporting instead of negativity.

This is one person’s opinion.

A.J. Pettyjohn