Sports complex costs cut

Resident takes issue with plans for sports facility next to college

I recently read the mayor of Coldstream’s December community newsletter and in particular, the  proposed sports facility located at the Okanagan College campus.

I take exception to Mr. Garlick’s obvious bias and less than convincing remarks. Firstly, there are no savings regarding the planned change in land use.

Someone has to pay and in this case, it is Okanagan College vis-a-vis the taxpayer in view of the opportunity cost to that institution and that measure has not been factored into the cost of the project.

I ask Mr. Garlick, just how is the college going to fulfill its mandate and, as you suggest, “provide additional services to residents of the area,” in terms of its commitment to education without the land to expand existing facilities?

The mayor also advises that the Vernon School District will benefit from the project. However, it seems to be the district already has sports facilities located at each school so why the need to transport students across town to another sports field at great expense to the school system?

Finally, Mr. Garlick’s additional rational for the project, including beautifying the city’s entrance, obscure benefits to the college and other institutions or some cardio recovery program, lacks any substantive support or credibility and the 1.5-acre demonstration garden is simply a distraction to the real issue and less than an intelligent substitute for the educational opportunities available to the college with regard to the 10-acre site.

The fact of the matter is, the college under this proposition would irrevocably lose a most important asset vital to the institution’s long-term economic viability and educational plans and to deny the college these opportunities is both short-sighted and irresponsible.

Frank Teaporten