Sports complex is too expensive

Letter writer protests using public funds for sports complex

Perhaps some of these people who want a running track should raise some funds to help pay for it instead of always expecting everyone else to pay the shot

There are many retired people in this city who are on fixed incomes, have not had children in school for many years and will not be using the running track but are still paying for a number of amenities they don’t use.

The comment of, “It’s only $15,” is rude. If it’s only $15, then pay it/raise it yourself for the many years required to clear the debt.

Also, you don’t need a track out the front door of the school to get exercise.

You can run or walk anywhere and for any distance in this city, or the easily accessible country. Instead of getting rides to school, jog there instead.

What’s wrong with the track at Polson Park? It seemed to be good enough for me and my son to run on.

Why don’t the students raise some money to upgrade that if required?

J. Halliday