Sports complex

Candor appreciated regarding the way elected officials and bureaucrats are becoming more and more dictatorial.

I read Peter Vander Sars’ letter to The Morning Star and appreciated his candor regarding the way that our elected officials and bureaucrats are becoming more and more dictatorial.

They ask the people what they want; then do exactly as they please.

The library is one example and the roundabout on East Hill, another.

I also believe that the city changing the old library into offices to suit themselves was not in the best interest of the Vernon taxpayers.

The museum needed a much larger space that the old library may have provided them.

Then the museum, which I believe has some water issues, perhaps they could have been addressed and served as office space for the city.

If we need more than that, I really question how many office employees they need to look after our community.

It would be helpful to have a list of the positions and a description of what their duties are.

Since parking is a major issue in the downtown core, the Coldstream property being used as a parkade would make good sense.

Though a new location may be warranted for the art gallery and museum, it will not have the economic impact that a new sports facility will have.

As far as voting on the sports facility proposal on Okanagan College land, I believe before we vote on the dollars to be spent, we look at the location that has been chosen.

Our key products, hotels, restaurants, shopping and the Wesbild Centre (that is not being used enough) are all located in the north end of Vernon.

The race track is a ‘no brainer’ for a sport complex.

It could accommodate a running track, sports field and additional ice.

Because things change, it is no longer viable for the race track to be there, with its limited usage.

Let’s put it where it will benefit the majority.

Vernon City Council is looking to pay leasing fees to the college, why not give these monies to the horse racing group to build a new track, perhaps on property at O’Keefe Ranch.  (Which is continually in need of funding.)   Creating a Win-Win for both of them.

Horses at the ranch, what a great concept!

With a sportsplex located along side the Wesbild Centre, we would become a significant player in attracting major sporting events that would bolster the perception of the area, promote economic growth, social impact, much like the City of Kamloops has experienced.

Elected officials, please give us something to vote on that makes sense.

With the sportsplex in a prime location, I believe the taxpayers would see the benefit and be supportive of the monies needing to be spent.

I know I would.

Sally Gorby