Sports facility

Resident questions the ongoing costs at the new Greater Vernon track

On the strength of just 386 votes representing less than one per cent of our community’s 45,095 eligible voters, our politicians plunged ahead and proceeded with the new college sports field at a price tag of $7.5 million.

We have now learned that the project is $790,000 over budget, apparently due to inadequate planning and deficient oversight regarding questionable increases in construction costs.

More recently, the community has learned that we will also be spending an additional $340,000 because, amazingly, the design did not include showers for a grand total of $1.13 million representing 15 per cent of the original budget without regard to the long-term interests costs.

Our politicians and city administrators have always insisted that in order to attract qualified people to the public sector, the community needs to pay premium salaries.

So, under the circumstances, can someone out there please explain to me exactly how does that work?

J. Brown