Spruce Grove mayor reflects on series

As the mayor of Spruce Grove, Alta. and a property owner at Peregrine Point in Vernon, the Doyle Cup battle between these two cities took on a very special meaning for me over the past two years.

As an avid Saints fan and season-ticket holder, my wife and I are treated to watching one of the best junior A  hockey teams in the country.

I am also a huge Vipers fan, proudly sporting my Vipers hat when we drop in to watch the Vipers play during our fall and winter ski trips to the valley.

I’ve also become a proud owner of a snappy Vipers’ jersey compliments of Mayor Wayne Lippert as a result of a friendly wager we had.

In fact, I have had to wear it to a city council meeting for the past two years as a result of our Spruce Grove Saints just falling short of winning the Doyle Cup, losing in game seven each year.

As cities, we are so lucky to have such community spirit and pride in our junior A hockey teams.

We all need something to cheer for and most Canadians find it very easy to cheer for hockey, especially Saints and Vipers fans.

I give much credit to both teams. They gave it their all and I think of what could have been for the Saints.

The shots were dead even at 27 a piece. Spruce Grove hit the goal post on a shot from the point then Vernon picked up the rebound and attacked on a three-on-two, scoring the winning goal with just six minutes remaining in the game, resulting in their victory of the Doyle Cup.

I will now be making the trek to Camrose for the RBC Cup to watch some incredible hockey and I will be pulling for the Vernon Vipers, one of Canada’s most storied franchises.

So here is looking forward to the RBC Cup. I will be standing proudly in the crowd chanting Go Saints Go!! Whoops that would be, Go Vipers Go!!

Stuart Houston

Spruce Grove Mayor