Stalling tactic

Resident provides his thoughts on the issue of climate change

What a bunch of nonsensical, conservative rhetoric.

The vast majority of scientists, using the best equipment and models available, have concluded that climate change is happening, and that humans are a major contributing factor.

If any of the other three per cent had sufficiently compelling evidence to the contrary, we’d listen. The howls from the right doubting climate change are an attempt to deceive the public and protect the oil industry.

There actually isn’t any real evidence to support the fringe theory that climate change is not caused by C02 emissions but rather by the sun. Yes, the sun is causing climate change in that it creates heat, but if the sun was warming the planet, we would see heating throughout the atmosphere from top to bottom.

However, scientists have found that while the lower atmosphere is heating up, the upper atmosphere is actually cooling, which is exactly what is expected of a planet that is warming due to increased greenhouse gases.

Science has improved since Columbus. It has been proven that the so-called scientists that doubt climate change are on the payroll of the oil companies. Their credibility, as well as their motives, are in serious question. Actually, it’s not in question. Their credibility is nil and their motives are a cheque from their bosses.

We’ve had public debate by scientists on both sides of the climate change issue.

To debate further at this point is a stalling tactic, so the oil companies can continue to profit by destroying the planet. If it costs money to fix the problem, then so be it. Besides, economists agree that acting to reduce fossil fuel emissions would be far less expensive than dealing with the consequences of not doing so.

You say that the commitments made in Paris will increase poverty and mortality levels for much of the under-developed world? The World Bank disagrees and emphatically states that climate change is an obstacle to ending poverty. And the effects of climate change (drought-induced famine, extreme weather events and natural disasters, etc) certainly contribute to high rates of morbidity and mortality.

For companies to continue to line their own pockets by destroying the planet is so unethical that it borders on sociopathic.

Where is the concern for the fellow man?

Working to curb climate change by cutting fossil fuel use will help to save the rainforest, create green jobs, promote healthy air and water, and much more.

What if, as cartoonist Joel Pett says, the whole thing is, “a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?”

I’ll take the risk.

Bruce Chomcey