Stats battle

NDP candidate expresses concerns about employment conditions in B.C.

In the Nov. 4 edition of The Morning Star, Vernon-Monashee MLA Eric Foster states that B.C. has created more jobs than anywhere else in the country.

This is very interesting statement coming on the heels of the October Statistics Canada jobs report stating that B.C. lost more jobs than anywhere else in Canada.  In fact, B.C. lost 16,000 full-time jobs in that period.

Further investigation of the job numbers show that B.C. actually is fifth or sixth in job creation over the last year.

Clearly, the B.C. Liberals are not up to the challenges that face B.C. today.

The issue that was being addressed in the article was the increase in food bank usage and with this type of continued misinformation and spin from the B.C. Liberals, it appears they have lost their focus.

Life continues to be less affordable today for the people of B.C.  We continue to have the worst overall poverty rate in the country and the worst child poverty rate in Canada for eight years in a row.

We need a clear plan that offers change for the better.

Mark Olsen,

Vernon-Monashee NDP candidate