Stickle influences election

Eric Foster has not served Vernon as well as he should have regarding the Stickle Road $10-plus million diversion of heavy traffic through our residential areas, and rushing traffic into the north end of Vernon, clogging the first controlled intersections with traffic unnecessarily and pushing a new road through an environmentally sensitive area.

There are better solutions which are internationally proven, and ignored by our illustrious traffic engineers who sign an 80-kilometre-per-hour speed limit about 100 metres before a traffic light at 48th Avenue on Highway 97 north — a mindless situation of which they expressed surprise when brought to their attention over a year ago, but still have not corrected.

A traffic roundabout is possible and the best way to calm traffic without stopping it at Stickle Road. There is room for such a solution, which need not be elaborate and is much more cost effective.

Many people in this riding are planning to vote Green or otherwise, but not Liberal, as usual.

C. Wills