Stickle Road

Resident provides some thoughts on the ongoing intersection issue

As the Stickle Road controversy seems to go on endlessly, maybe an overall view of the Ministry of Transportation should be in order.

Has anyone living in the BX area actually had an upgrade to any of their roads in the last 25 years? It seems the answer is no.

Does anyone wonder if the huge waste of money on the overpass south of Stickle Road has the ministry gun-shy about actually doing anything?

It seems the ministry has put the worst scenario forward to have so much dissention that nothing will get done at all.

As an election is on the horizon, does anyone wonder if, magically, the problem will be solved?

And, oh by the way, “vote for me,” will spew from the Liberals’ lips.

I am kind of wondering how many people are going to fall for it this time.

Bob Johnston