Stickle Road a political issue

With a minority provincial government on a hair-trigger for another election and Christy Clark relegated to Kelowna beach time, a crucial seat could be won in Vernon-Monashee depending on strategy in regards to Stickle Road.

Let me preface my commentary on the fact I happen to be a Libertarian and by decree, all political parties suck.

I am, however, mesmerized by the combinations and permutations of politics in B.C. at the moment.

I am not sure with the NDP and Green vote splitting, they are smart enough to strategically use the Stickle pickle to their collective advantage.

It could actually tip the provincial balance.

If I was John Horgan, with Keli Westgate standing beside him during a press conference, I would announce a traffic light going in next week at Stickle Road.

Westgate may have to fall on her sword and commit her constituency to the NDP, but if you want to save the planet, that is what one must do.

Eric Foster, having no leashes attached, could kibosh any lefty advances tout suite by saying a light does need to go in at Stickle.

He could feign any number of excuses and would be a shoe in.

Heck, he could say it was Akbal Mund’s idea, as the six other Vernon city council members don’t seem to agree with him.

Politics can be as fickle as the Stickle pickle.

Jay Langton