Stickle Road roundabout

Resident calls for a different model to be used at intersection

I would like to commend the letter by Jo Jones in the June 10 Morning Star for her suggestion of a roundabout for the Stickle Road interchange on Highway 97 north.

My wife and I were driving in Scotland for a couple of weeks in September 2014 and encountered many such roundabouts on highways throughout the country.

There were as many as two and three lanes in each direction feeding in and out, and they worked very well to safely calm, and yet to keep the traffic flowing in a much better way than a traffic light or four-way stop could possibly do.

Each exit was clearly identified so there was no confusion as to which one to take to continue one’s journey, and if you missed your turn, you just continued around the circle until your desired exit reappeared.

They worked like a charm, and are a well-proven solution to such difficult intersections.

I recommend one highly as a most practical solution to the Stickle Road interchange problem on Highway 97 north.

C. Wills