Stickle roulette

Resident upset with the actions of government and local officials

The Ministry of Transportation, MLA Eric Foster, the regional district’s Bob Fleming and Vernon Mayor Akbal Mund are playing Russian roulette with the lives of Stickle Road residents on the Swan Lake side.

The gun used is the Vernon, B.C. berm on a blind curve where the tourist info centre was, on Hwy 97 north. The bullets are the vehicles speeding south into Vernon which cannot see this Stickle Road intersection.

The residents on the east side of Stickle Road at least have a safe way to town via Pleasant Valley Road.

We have no choice but to play this deadly game every time we leave our homes to make the right turn on to the highway.

Silver Star RV Park isn’t just for those on holidays.

There are a lot of full-time residents there, plus private residences not in this park.

Again, the speed needs to be reduced to 80 kilometres an hour from Swan Lake Nurseryland into Vernon, and a motion activated light put in for everyone’s safety at Stickle Road. I sure wish I owned the land the ministry wants to build its version of the Stickle Road solution on.

Lynda Roberts