Still a mystery

The reason behind the lost thank you's for Christmas

Why I don’t go out on Christmas Eve.

A number of years ago when my children were six and four years old, we had an invitation to a party, so we hired a babysitter and set out to enjoy ourselves.

With little ones, and hard times we couldn’t afford to get out often.

Arriving home at about midnight, we ended up having a good sleep and woke up at about 9 a.m. to find the children had opened all the Christmas presents.

We did not know who had sent what or to whom they belonged to.

I couldn’t really write everyone to say thanks because they might not have sent anything at all.

For the ones that asked why I hadn’t thanked them, I explained but to this day, I have not heard from others.

Fifty years later, I still think of this situation.


Emily Dann, Vernon