Stop and think about it

Resident has questions about the proposed rail trail in the Okanagan

Everyone is starting to get convinced that the old railway line should be converted to a bike and walking trail.  Well let’s stop and think for minute and read the following:

First we have to have a complete feasibility study, to help tell us how much this will cost and if it is possible.

Then have a proper and complete business plan drawn up.

Both items to contain the following in detail.

Who is going to pay for all of this?  If it is such a good plan, then get the public and private business to invest 70 per cent of the cost and the other 30 per cent can be shared by the three levels of government. I do not wish to pay for this through higher taxes. Who is going to supply all of the equipment (bikes) and do the maintenance of equipment and trail?

Where is all of the supposedly large increase in visitor about to stay?  All of the good hotels are in the north end.  We do not have enough RV and regular camping and not enough extra activities to keep those who do not want to walk or bike.

Is the main office to be located in Vernon?  I sure hope it is as this is being initiated by people from Vernon.

Is the main start going to be in Vernon, our idea it should be?

How many full and part time jobs are planned to be created?

What is the justification for the large number of customers they state? How are they coming to the conclusions they state?

How is the company going to be operated?

How is the present traffic pattern going to handle the increase, and if required, are plans going to be drawn up to cope with the increase and who will pay for it?

Finally a few bills coming up:

Still paying for sports complex

Civic Arena decommissioning — $1 million-plus

Water, whether we want it or not — $70 million

New recreation complex — $20 to 40 million

Upgrades and improvement to Priest Valley arena/gym — ?

Kin Race Track into another sports complex — ?

New rink — $13 million

Museum and art gallery — $30 million-plus ($100,000 for the report)

Infrastructure improvements — 1.9 per cent on our taxes until when?

So is it going to be worth all of the extra cost to build this? Wwe should stop all the above building and only build when we have the money.

This city is going to go bankrupt because of the poor leadership we have and in the past.


Garry Haas