Stop griping

Resident takes issue with complaints about snow clearing in Vernon

I would like to add something to a  letter, where the writer took to task the gripers and complainers moaning about slow snow removal by the city.

I hope those people saw the TV news on Feb. 18, showing what the Atlantic provinces are having to deal with.

One huge storm after another, dumping close to a metre at a time on them before the authorities have been able to clear less than half of the previous fall.

This has been the case for most of the winter.

Those complainers here need to realize that what we had is a minor inconvenience compared to  those in the Maritimes.

To them, I say if you can’t bear snow, move to the Gulf Coast.

No snow problems there. Just a bit of wind and rain a few times each summer.

And a hurricane or two with associated floods.

You are darn well off here. Quit whining.

Noel Tyler