Stop the madness

Resident expresses his concerns about climate change

As much of the western world hurls headlong into the financial abyss of attempting to stop climate change, our government wants to lead the way.

At enormous expense, Justin Trudeau sent more than 200 delegates to the UN-sponsored Conference of the Parties 22 in Marrakech in his effort to lead the world in a mission that has been shown by many scientists to be unworkable and ineffective.

It is time for Canadians to stop and rethink the whole subject of climate change. The natural process of climate change will continue regardless of the efforts of humankind. Carbon dioxide is a very minor contributor to green house gases.

The accelerating rate of CO2 production is actually a net benefit to the environment causing forests and crop plants to flourish. The world is actually getting greener as a result.

What is the point of Canada continuing on a path of spending enormous amounts of money through funding alternate means of energy production in an effort to stop the forces of nature?

Carbon taxes and emission caps will add costs to all businesses.

These costs will be passed on to their customers.  Canadian businesses are being put at a disadvantage to their competitors.

Some businesses will have to move to the U.S. where there are less burdensome regulations and the cost of energy is less.

Jobs will be lost. Poor people are being made poorer.

Let’s put a stop to this madness. Write to your MLA and MP and tell him you do not support the levy of a carbon tax and to stop funding alternate energy sources.

Bob Reid