Stop the prison

Like Lumby Village Council, Richard Rolke appears to be ignorant of the Lumby Official Community Plan and of the socio-cultural basis that plan grudgingly concedes.

Lumby was incorporated in 1955 out of the surrounding region now known as NORD Area `D’ and does not necessarily express a significant divergence from the regional culture but properties that could reasonably be incorporated within a municipality.

The area now known as the Village of Lumby was the locus of regional support. The region surrounding Lumby made Lumby possible and, as much as the residents of Lumby itself, what Lumby is today. The Lumby OCP specifically states:

“The policy statements in the OCP should relate to the following:

– social needs, social well-being and social development

– regional context

– maintenance and enhancement of farming

– preservation, protection, restoration and enhancement of ecosystems

“The OCP directs decision-making on land use and community development by council, and provides a road map for the village development.” – Village of Lumby Official  Community Plan.

The priority of social over `economic’ is manifest in the Introduction alone. The  significance of regional context is prominent.

Richard Rolke’s rote marginalization of NORD Area `D’ might reflect the favored position of The Morning Star‘s owner. That is his right – possibly even his `duty.’

However, considering the hell that a correctional facility would unleash on the residents of Lumby, the question (that need not be answered publicly) is: Will Richard Rolke lose any sleep when the reality comes down on the Village of Lumby?

We are not `Demanding a voice’, Richard. As you must have heard, we have our own voices and we are demanding that Lumby Village Council and the provincial government cease and desist from forcing the nightmare of a `correctional facility’ upon us.

Laurence Brown