Strategy needed

Vernon is not 'truly a destination' and that's the true problem with the city.

Never have I read a better, more succinct letter, with respect to the position of the city of Vernon than the one from Joan Spencer.

When she says that Vernon is not ‘truly a destination’ she has identified the true problem with the city.

I see businesses/retail outlets closing. I see lost opportunities with the lake which is encircled by apartments/condos/houses thus denying the city any chance of promoting this area as a destination. The only pub on Okanagan Lake is closing until next spring.

The city must invest in new opportunities which will draw more people into the city and not just re-arrange what it has. The city of Vernon seems to be dying on its feet. Come on councillors, get a strategy for Vernon that will give us a thriving vibrant city and utilize the natural amenities that we have.

Use the lake to the city’s advantage and take your share of ‘destination’ revenue.

Veronica Carlton