Street improved

Resident supports changes made to Vernon's 20th Street

I live on 20th Street, and it looks much better then before.

Why weren’t the residents of 20th Street doing their due diligence before the project started and opposing then?

Also, to me the numbers from the survey say half of the respondents are happy (we responded to the survey positively), and half aren’t. The project is done, suck it up.

My wife and I have lived in Vernon for four years now, and we have noticed one thing regarding taxpayer-funded projects here: Vernon residents hate change.

We vote for a project and then immediately start complaining about it.

It’s true. People complain about new developments, changes to old developments, changing roads, adding crosswalks and bike lanes, track and field facilities, adding a dog park, adding a kids’ park, removing some kind of park, adding a traffic light, adding a road sign, road sanding in the winter, street cleaning in the spring, skate parks, etc.

You name it, Vernon hates it. It’s shocking to us. Not sure if it’s due to the aging population with the, “If it ain’t broke” attitude, or if it is how terrified residents are of taxes.

Whatever it is, Vernon is currently in an economic hole with high unemployment, and falling real estate values. Any improvements to the city in general that may help reverse this fact should be welcomed.

P.S. Try parking on a side street. It’s good exercise.


Lee Waters