Street wishes

Redesign of 20th Street frustrates

To Mathew, writer of a letter in the paper. Careful what you wish for or 25th Street might look like 20th Street between 43rd and 48th Avenues.

They spent a lot of time and money on a disaster.

The city can call it what they want but it is a street and traffic should be able to go in both directions at the same time.

There is a bicycle lane going north (none south) that goes along for a bit, then up on the sidewalk, back down to the street for a bit and then it stops.

Both sides have sidewalks wider than needed (students cross where they live or see their friend).

Most of the residences along there have nice yards and vegetation and there is the natural beauty of the hills but there are now super-wide ugly planters on both sides. The next thing you hear will be conserve water.

The bottom line, on more than one occasion I have had to come to a stop behind vehicles waiting for oncoming traffic to pass.

The road is not wide enough in some spots for two cars at the same time (let alone truck, bus or cyclists).


M. Costerd, Vernon