Strike impacts

Vernon teenager unhappy with B.C. teachers' decision to go on a three-day strike and asking for a pay raise....

This is getting ridiculous. I’m only 13 and I understand that a teachers’ raise is almost impossible in this economy.

It’s like a kid asking for their allowance being raised to $1,000 but the parents can barely afford $5 per week.  Come on, who now a days gets a 15 per cent raise?

No one in this economy, that’s who.

I don’t know all of the fine details.

All I’m getting out of this strike is it’s affecting students. It affects all programs associated with the school district (ex. day cares, literacy/tutoring and parents).

I just started high school and I have a shorter time to get to class. Teachers aren’t providing report cards to the kids and parents.

Because of the job action, I have missed out on a few extra curricular activities, such as going to Silver Star with the school band and a SALTS trip over to Vancouver Island.

I feel I am missing out on some really great experiences.

All I can say is I hope the teachers and government can resolve this dispute soon (which means giving in a little on each side) so students, parents and businesses can get back to normal.

M. Kerr