Strong support

The Middle Shuswap Wild Salmon Society praises volunteers, sponsors, musicians and fans

On Sept. 6 and 7, our community celebrated the return of the local wild salmon and the awareness of their presence with music, dancing, eating, cheer and education.

We also discussed the importance of taking responsibility for keeping our streams and lakes as clean as possible so the salmon can continue to return.

We also talked about the importance of a fish passage at Wilsey dam that was recommended in 1929.

The Middle Shuswap Wild Salmon Society would like to thank everyone that made the fourth annual Wild Salmon Festival a good success despite the poor weather that threatened all day Friday.

The rain stopped with just enough time to get set up and we were only 15 minutes late starting.

It could not have been possible without so much support from all the members, the many volunteers, all the people that bought an entrance ticket and the people that supported the beverage garden.

We would especially like to thank the local musicians that played for the love of the wild salmon and our many sponsors.

Without them, the festival would have incurred a big loss.

More info on the society’s goals and objectives can be found at

Randy Rauck,

Middle Shuswap

Wild Salmon Society