Students want recess

Okanagan Landing Elementary students start school-wide petition to get recess back

I’m Matt and I’m a Grade 6 student at Okanagan Landing Elementary. My friends and I have recently started a school-wide petition. We are taking signatures to get our recess back.

I have recently taken a poll on classroom productivity, asking other students if their class is more energetic now that recess was removed from the regular school day.

The results we received were as expected. Ninety per cent of the students I talked to reported that class energy has gone up and that the number of people able to focus on the task at hand were dropping at a rapid rate.

To us, there is only one way to explain this, and it’s the lack of recess.

OK, now imagine going to work on a regular basis and not having your scheduled coffee break. Imagine how tired and run down you would be at the end of the week if you had no break. That’s how us as students are feeling on a daily basis.

If you feel us students are correct please give the Vernon School District office a call and express your opinion. It would be greatly appreciated not only by kids at Okanagan Landing but at schools across the district. We want recess back.

Matt Schiman, Vernon