Sunshine Festival

Resident pleased with the Sunshine Festival in downtown Vernon

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the downtown Sunshine Festival June 18.

We arrived to the festivities around 11 a.m. The weather was perfect, streets vibrant, music playing.

We wandered through the streets discovering new vendors, enjoying the sound of laughter, the special $20 racks, the yummy food displays, etc.

We were impressed with the turnout of vendors, and the participation of the downtown shop owners.

Thank you to the organizers of the Sunshine Festival for engaging in a wonderful event catering to all ages.

I am very proud of our downtown. Showcasing our downtown to out-of-town visitors, prospective buyers, and local residents is a very positive move.

I think it would be wonderful to have a Sunshine Festival once a month, especially during the summer months.

I’m always looking for events to take our out-of-town company to. Even though the weather didn’t co-operate entirely and it started to rain, it didn’t stop my friend and I from shopping. Yep, we shopped until we dropped.

Karen Lysholm