Support the sports complex

A small tax investment over a long time in a great sports venue is a great long-term investment in our youth, our community

I am by no means a well-to-do man. I watch my hard-earned dollars as much as the next person but I work hard and enjoy what I have.

I would much rather have my tax dollars supporting a new sports venue than paying for a new security prison. I would rather invest in football, rugby, track and field, Special Olympics  and a multitude of other programs that will return to us a fine and respectful youth that doesn’t require rehabilitation.

I know personally, that without sports in my life, it would have taken a much different turn and not one to the betterment of anyone. The development of youth with the values of respect, tradition and teamwork, at what cost, a little extra money. It’s pretty cheap insurance as far as I am concerned.

I am of the so-called older generation and I have the privilege of having all of my children and grandchildren here with me.

You don’t have to have a child or grandchild playing on the field, running on the track or participating in other field events to participate. Get out, enjoy the fresh air, cheer on a team or an individual competing at a certain sport. In this way, you show support for our athletes, young and old alike.

You are also showing your support for our community and our province and our country, and best of all, for our future citizens.

There are millions of sports fans that have never even played for their chosen sport but they love it just as much and sometimes even more.

Ask a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan. They bleed green.

Do yourself a favour, take a walk on the track because that’s what it’s there for, for everyone.

Rekindle a memory of being a kid again. We seniors all want the youth of today to grow up and walk in our shoes, to follow in our footsteps, into life. But hey, step back in time, slip into those new black and white rubber-patched Converse runners. They were too cool or as they say today, sweet.

And, just remember being a kid again and the life lessons you learned. They weren’t always fun but they helped to mold you into who you have become today because you participated and competed.

Life after all is one big competition. We know it, we live it and work and strive hard at it every day. Let’s set our youth up with as many opportunities to succeed as possible.

There are a tremendous amount of Canadian athletic scholarships available to further education for our kids. Let’s go for as many as we can get but we can only do this with a great base, which means a great new venue.

A small tax investment over a long time in a great sports venue is a great long-term investment in our youth, our community, ourselves and all of our futures.

You can’t put a price tag on discipline, respect, healthy minds and healthy bodies but if you could, a small tax increase is awfully minimal.

With deepest respect and gratitude to sports for my life.


Robert Wiggins