Survey response

Local resident supports survey process launched by MP

“Now you don’t want to govern, and ask us what you should do.”

Is this the same constituency that bemoaned how little Colin Mayes consulted with his constituents?

I don’t know how involved Mr. Laarakker was in the last federal election campaign.

I know that when I knocked on a lot of doors for the candidate I was working for, I heard a lot of bellyaching about how little input seemed to flow from North Okanagan-Shuswap to Ottawa through their elected representative.

I read the same information sheet that Mr. Laarakker did and I thought it was an honest effort to solicit input from the voters of this riding, regardless of whether they voted for Mel Arnold, or like myself, canvassed for Jacqui Gingras.

“You are supposed to make the decisions and tell us what you did at the next election.”

If Mel Arnold followed this advice, he would have a hard time convincing the voters of this riding that didn’t like the way Mr. Mayes operated, to re-elect him in just over three years.

Dean Roosevelt