Survey should be seen as a challenge

Resident wants action to create jobs so families can live in Vernon

Re: Moneysense survey: Ski hills and lakes? If these are the factors for quality of life, this point of view is beyond me.

I am a young woman who grew up in a small community in Ontario.

I lived in Alberta for three years and then moved to B.C. with my boyfriend for quality of life.

Moving here is difficult and expensive.  Wages are low and insurance, taxes, health care costs and gas prices are high.

We have chosen not to have a family,  in this province where young families, on average, make the least income.

We’ve looked at land, but much of it is being highly valued and then packaged up, some for seasonal condo sales to Albertans, forcing the market up.

It’s good for real estate markets and Albertans who make decent wages but bad for communities that need to thrive for more than one week a year, and bad for B.C. families that have owned land that cannot pay their newly hiked property taxes, or wish their children to one day purchase land of their own.  I digress.

Ski hills and lakes are beautiful and have value. This is a beautiful piece of the country to call home.

I was once a tourist that wished to become a resident. I became a resident.

If I wish to remain as such, I must submit to lower wages, higher costs, and my B.C. communities catering to tourists and Albertans instead of to their own people.

Vernon should be a vibrant beacon in the heart of many smaller communities.

Instead, it is a magnified version of these struggling communities.

Show us the jobs.  Show us the doctors. Invest in our people.

Show us what a town of Vernon’s size and resources can do for its people.

I’ve seen the lakes and ski hills. They’re great for vacation destinations and seasonal job creation.

Instead of poo-pooing this list and its criteria, let’s take it as a challenge.

We want Vernon to be the best it can be for all of us.


Colette Wigmore