Survey won’t change park

BX Ranch Park has gone to the dogs, but survey won't change use

I just read an article about BX Ranch Park in The Morning Star. Interesting that the word ‘ranch’ was used.

I wonder how many people who take their dogs there even know the history of this piece of property or the area. Or has it gone to the dogs. (Pun intended).

I’m not against dogs or their owners. In fact I have been a dog owner in the past but circumstances change and I no longer am.

The article stated that a survey was being done in regards to park use.

The words used were “we want to get it back to a people park.”

Not going to happen.

We live not too far from the park and we don’t go there much anymore.

There’s a sign at the entrance that says dogs are not allowed past the second bridge.

There was a sign on the second bridge that said” no dogs past this point.” It got removed and this was long before the flood damage of this spring.

The last few times I’ve been there, dogs and their owners have been past that point. Some of those dogs are very big and there are people who are not comfortable walking in that kind of setting. They will not go to the park.

Some strong emotions have been raised by dog owners that there would be a conflict with their pets and people having picnics or other activities at the park.

First of all, who would spread out a picnic blanket on the ground where dogs have urinated and defecated. Not I.

Secondly this was a people park to begin with.

Why should “residents seek out other recreational opportunities” just because they don’t have dogs.

I remember some of  the community celebrations held there. They were nice but it’s been awhile. I know most dog owners are responsible when it comes to caring for their pets but there are a few who are not. I’ve had the smelly shoes to prove it.

I’ve seen upwards of 30 vehicles in that parking lot. That’s a lot of dogs. I think, and sadly so, that the BX Ranch Park has gone to the dogs. No pun intended.


G. Dyck, Vernon