Sweet gesture

Local woman recounts a positive experience while she was out one day

Every once in awhile, my faith in the goodness of humanity is restored and I’d like to share a recent experience that was both surprising and wonderful.

I was just returning from feeding my husband, Mel, at the Gateby when I bumped into my dear friend Lu sitting on a bench in front of the Schubert Centre.

I sat and visited with her for awhile and she told me she was waiting for her ride.

A few minutes later, a white car drove up and I said, “Here’s your ride.”

It wasn’t her ride. Instead, a man jumped out of the car, handed each of us a long-stemmed rose, scooted back into the car and drove away.

He was a nice looking young man, nicely dressed, and he didn’t give us time to say anything more than “thank you very much.”

It was such a sweet gesture, and it was a beautiful rose. I’ve never had that happen in my life and it was very thrilling and it was very sweet.

I’d like to thank this young man for being so kind. Lu and I were very lucky to be sitting on that bench that day.

Micki McDougall