Take action

Resident expresses concerns about airplane flying over Vernon

In response to Al Johnson’s letter to the editor, I would like to say he hit the nail right on the head.

What I’d like to add is that this little noisy aircraft is operated by a local business and in order to make a profit, they hold people hostage to this disturbance.

Now I am not against a company trying to provide a service for a profit, but what I am against is the inconvenience to the residents of Vernon and district in order to do this.

I have been in contact with the owner and asked him why they could not climb to the required altitude somewhere else, where it would not disrupt the city.

His response was that they had to stay within gliding distance of the airport in case of an engine failure.

If that was the case with every commercial aircraft, nobody would get anywhere. Most aircraft once they take off are out of gliding distance within minutes.

Another point is that all other aircraft are actually a pleasure to listen to as the low sound of their engine does not grate on the nerves like this one aircraft that is being run in low gear at full throttle all the time.

It’s about time for this company to be a good, responsible corporate citizen and neighbour and listen to all of the complaints and take action to solve this issue.

Bryan Wuzinski