Take back your food

Resident calls for action against genetically modified organisms

We need to take back the growing of food from corporations, scientists, industrialists and bureaucrats. Pro-GMO groups argue that we have a choice regarding our health, but that choice is becoming increasingly limited every day.

We also must question how a problem that is social and ecological can be solved by science and technology. There have been many response letters from organic food growers explaining their complete disdain for genetically modified crops. Many of them have explained that they cannot co-exist with GM crops, and have stated bluntly their fear of GM alfalfa and how it will destroy their livelihood.

Therefore, to the individuals who are disappointed, frustrated, fearful or hopeless, there is a solution. First, we must give up the idea that a very small handful of people can feed the majority. The monoculture GM growers and conventional farmers should not dictate what they think billions of people should be eating.

I can go to any of the many organic and natural growers in the area and purchase all of the food I need to feed my family and myself for a full year. It will also sustain us in a way that assures our health and long life. Indeed, though, there is a large growing group of people who are committed to a sustainable farming system. My hope lies in the many that are working towards decentralizing the food system. They are using knowledge that is humane, environmentally responsible and diverse.

In contrast, I cannot purchase anything from any dairy, cattle ranch or monoculture GM grower. I cannot buy whole raw milk from a GMO dairy, I cannot purchase beef from a large GMO cattle ranch and I certainly cannot purchase GMO soy, canola or corn, nor would I want to. I do not know of any such farm that I have mentioned here that I can buy even one vegetable or grain from. Most of these farms I mention have no off farm sales. Yet, large chemical and seed companies, consistently advocate that GMO will feed the world.

The pervasive extent to which agribusiness’ propaganda is controlling our food security is appalling: GMO corn syrup for processed food, GMO sugar beets for junk food, GMO corn-fed beef and dairy cows for overly processed meat and dairy products, while conventional farming is polluting our air, water, our bodies and our environment.

So, to the GMO farmers, I call your bluff. Large chemical and seed companies will not feed the world. I do not want your world of genetically altered food, nor do I want any of your centrally controlled distribution dependent large-scale production system.

The people that do not want any part of it (and there are many) are suffering from the severe consequences of an unsustainable agricultural system.

I feed my family with the food I produce myself and I purchase from farmers with whom I have built a personal, trusting relationship with. This way is both economically responsible and it provides health and satisfaction. People need to know that this option is available to them; in fact, it is their only option.

In closing, I want to say how supportive I am of the organic and natural farmers and the people that grow their own food. I will keep supporting you as much as I can and continue to spread the word. I feel proud that I am part of the growing community that has found an answer to the problem of food security and continues to work towards the solution.

Jane Emlyn,

Bee Safe co-founder