Taking aim

Response to letter, regarding Steve Gunner and free enterprise

I read, with some concern, John Trainor’s scaremongering dressing-down of Steve Gunner in the Sunday edition (9/23/12).

It occurs to me that Mr. Trainor, in his haste to dismiss an opinion that clashes with his own, might have misconstrued the premise of Mr. Gunner’s letter.

The only direct quotation that he uses from said letter is “free-enterprise doctrine” and builds an entire negative case upon those two words.

I’m sure there is no doubt in most people’s minds that free enterprise is crucial to the way of life that we have (possibly unintentionally) created for ourselves.

Mr Gunner is a self-employed farmer and therefore knows as well as Mr. Trainor what free enterprise is all about.

I think that while the system of free enterprise is good, the “doctrine” is flawed. One of “privileges we enjoy today”, to quote Mr. Trainor, is the Medical Services Plan – brought in, I believe, by a socialist government.

What concerns me, however, is Mr. Trainor’s assertion that “the danger is if we elect a group of people who are fundamentally opposed to our way of life and would send us back to the dark ages.”

I would suggest to you, Mr. Trainor, that with such a flair for the melodramatic, you might want to not confine yourself to the pages of the Morning Star, but instead join Asparagus Community Theatre.

They are in need of you.


Mark Levey, Enderby