Tall meters

Resident frustrated by the height of parking meters downtown

I read with interest the letter from Kim Laporte and I concur. Did a giant install those new parking meters?

I cannot see the screen at all and have to take it on faith that the money I deposit is actually giving me time. And in this town, it has happened more than once that a meter is broken and has not given me the time I’ve paid for.

So I’m the kind of gal who likes to check. Every time I put money in, I jump, literally jump up, to check if it has given me the time I’ve paid for.

Thankfully, I am usually in sneakers. I’d hate to be doing that in heels.

And heels, unless they were six inches high, would not help me see the screen.

As it is, jumping barely helps me see the screen.

I’d like to meet the jolly-green wise guy whose bright idea it was to install these meters.


Bridget Trainor