Resident upset over the City of Vernon and the spending of money

“Frustrated Taxpayer” Arthur Klukas, in his letter in The Morning Star of Dec. 5, understated the problem of select groups, elected officials and bureaucrats in a dictatorial manner spending more on facilities than Vernon taxpayers are willing to pay.

He neglected to mention that in a referendum four years ago, Vernon taxpayers wisely rejected the idea of building a new library.

The library board ignored the voters and got the money through the back door through a regional district-wide alternative approval process, which was a slam-dunk as 10 per cent of eligible voters had to schlep themselves to the regional district office to indicate disapproval. That was not likely to happen.

Obviously since then, the powers-that-be have not changed their attitude regarding grandiose building schemes to serve the few, using the tax money of all.

Let’s be honest, how many Vernon taxpayers are served by the art gallery or the museum?

It appears likely that financing for the new facilities will be rejected, but unless the voters then follow up and keep up the pressure, the money will be borrowed through that very undemocratic alternative approval process.

And Vernon will continue to get what it deserves: government by oligarchy.

Peter Vander Sar