Teacher no longer volunteering

Teacher quits volunteering for organization that does not value time and resources put in

I have freely volunteered my time and resources for the better part of my life. Whether coaching soccer, helping with the local swim club, sitting on the arts board or leading drama and filmmaking workshops, the benefits I receive far out weigh the time I have put in.

Even when dealing with irate soccer parents, I have felt warmed by the grateful people to which I have given my time.

As a teacher, I have also freely given my time. I will not list the activities and hours logged but there have many days that I have arrived in the dark and gone home in the dark.

The rewards have been the love and respect of a generation of students. Unlike volunteering with the general public, I now find that volunteering my time at school has the opposite affect.

I feel demoralized by a government whose bottom line is to control rather than negotiate.

I am saddened by a general public who seems to view teachers as greedy and self-serving individuals. My workplace has turned into an environment where I do not feel valued.

If I was volunteering for an organization which did not value my time and resources, I would stop volunteering for them. It would not matter whether it was the volunteer fire department or at a hospice house. If an organization’s expectations exceeded the benefits, I would leave.

Teachers will return to volunteering when they feel their extra time is valued. I’m afraid that the only way the general public and the Liberal government will understand what teachers really do is to miss what they have previously taken for granted.


Brent Applegath, Vernon