Teacher remembered

Former student wishes Mr. Versey well on his retirement from teaching

Although he has retired, Mr. Veysey’s legacy will live on through the way that he inspired all kids to dream, and not only dream, but work hard in order for those dreams to become a reality.

Mr. Veysey was more than just an appreciated math teacher. He helped so many teenagers throughout his career with his stories and lessons. By understanding every student, Mr. Veysey was able to relate to the kids, and make a difference, no matter how small or big, in the lives of every student he taught. This thoughtful teacher once declared that he, “didn’t wish to fix the whole beach; instead, he was just a teacher, wanting to help every little grain of sand that he taught.”

Throughout his career, Mr. Veysey obtained the positions of a vice-principal, principal, counsellor and math teacher. I was fortunate enough to have had him as a math teacher, and although he was more than just a math teacher, he was an outstanding one. The qualities that made him such a teacher were his approachability, humility, and intelligence. Mr. Veysey didn’t just, “teach for the exam,” although his students were always more than prepared for the exam. Instead, Mr. Veysey’s evident passion and deep understanding of math, inspired students to learn to love the subject, and work hard in order to obtain an understanding of a subject that can be so dreaded. As many students disliked math class, the students of Mr. Veysey’s class were always motivated, excited and interested.

This outstanding teacher told us that he once received a card from a former student stating, “thanks for speaking truth to a broken generation.” I couldn’t put it any better. Mr. Veysey was truthful and thoughtful, and he told students to stop constantly worrying about what others were thinking of them, and instead just try and be themselves.

As Mr. Veysey’s passion for his students was evident, he would stand up for us, and what was really right for the students.

Mr. Veysey didn’t make a speech to “look good,” instead he took quiet actions to make a real change. Although he always entered and left the school discreetly, Mr. Veysey will never be forgotten by the hundreds of students that he taught.

Hannah Bennison