Teachers’ role

No incentive for teachers to 'volunteer' to make school funner through physical activity

Are we now adding ‘play at school at your own risk’ to the working conditions imposed on teaching staff.

How ludicrous.

They are at their workplace, interacting with those they are deemed to be support staff for, providing valuable teaching and personal growth opportunities for all persons (children are people too) involved in these ‘voluntary’ activities.

So if a teacher walking down a hallway on the way to a school-sanctioned sports activity slips and falls and hurts a wrist they would be covered by whom for that injury?

What about walking from their car to the school building?

What about bending over to help a child up after they have fallen?

Are we going to require personal injury insurance be in place for any activity other than a narrowly defined ‘this is teaching and all else is something else’ injury?

Will teachers have to sue a school district for having allowed extra-curricular activities to take place in an unsafe environment?

Where is the common sense?

Where is the incentive to ‘volunteer’ to make the children’s experience at school enhanced by allowing engagement in a healthy physical activity?


Glenna Miles, Vernon



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