Television noise

Letter writer is concerned about how the policy on loud commercials is handled

Re: CRTC – new ruling Sept. 1, loud commercials

Well, I was relieved with this new ruling. When I noticed the commercials were still louder than the programming and contacted the CRTC, I discovered that, we the public, had been assigned the duty to document and report the infractions.

This seems to my mind, to leave the new ruling rather redundant as I do not believe the viewers have been informed of the new ruling or of their duty to police it.

So even though the service providers had been given a year’s notice, it would seem there is little or no incentive for them to follow the ruling,

For me, it is another toothless government entity, made of smoke and mirrors. If there is more to it than what I am aware, please advise.

I do have an e-mail back from the CRTC advising me of my responsibility.  It seems to me that even if the public had been fairly informed, the reporting of all of the infractions would be a full-time job for a number of people.

Frustrated. Why does our government waste our time and dollars putting toothless rulings in place?

Valerie Dahm