Thank you VJH

Staff at Vernon Jubilee Hospital thanked for making experience positive

My dad, Don Monty, aka The Cowboy, was recently plagued by dizziness, nausea and headaches occurring off and on for about three weeks. Before this, he had enjoyed many, many years of good health with no concerns.

Dad finally phoned me and asked me if I would take him into emergency at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. When we arrived, we were given a complimentary wheelchair right away. I needed to park my car and had no change but there was a change-making machine close by.

Even though it was busy around the desk we were able to get Dad admitted in a timely matter. We were asked to wait to be called and within 20 minutes we were escorted into a private room. Dad was given an IV and an EKG. Soon after that he was taken to get a CT scan. The doctor came in and asked my Dad a few questions and not long after that the results from his CT scan were in.

The doctor advised us that Dad has suffered a stroke. Dad was referred to a physician in town and was advised to take Gravol and baby Aspirin daily.

An ultrasound was also scheduled and we were contacted within 48 hours to come back into the hospital for that. The staff was very kind and there was a sense of urgency in the way they worked with Dad to get his tests done.

I was hopeful about his future when we left the hospital. From the time that we arrived into the hospital until the time we left about three hours. The care my Dad received was top notch.

The hospital was very busy when we arrived and I am very grateful for  the fine service we received.

On behalf of all our family, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you very much to all the staff and to the doctor at VJH who met with Dad.

I’d like them to know that the experience we had was a very positive one and we appreciate it.

God bless you all.


Dawn L. Monty, Vernon