Thank you Women’s Institute

This letter is a big thank you to all of the former and current members of the Coldstream Women's Institute.

This letter is a big thank you to all of the former and current members of the Coldstream Women’s Institute.

The hall, as it is known in our family, has been a big part of the municipality of Coldstream for years. The sign outside says, “Coldstream Women’s Institute, 1937.”

In the early years, it was a hive of activity with parties, weddings, anniversaries and funerals.

The groups that have used the hall over the years are Well Baby Clinics with public health nurse Peggy Johnson, the institute used it for their meetings, card parties, banquets, Scouts, Cubs, Guides, Brownies and a boys club.

Boxing has used it and a church used it for a Bible camp one summer.

The Coldstream Fire Department used it for years for its annual meeting with a roast beef dinner, cooked and served by the WI women. The dessert would have been a staple pineapple fluff. The recipe for both are part of my collection.

Sometimes the hall was used for political purposes, candidates meetings, etc. Real estate companies used it for writing exams and the glass plant used it for job fairs.

One of the funniest stories was from a former Vernon business’ Christmas party. Everything was going well, tables set, etc. Then the turkey arrived and the institute members started to carve, only to find it partially cooked. Well, the ladies didn’t flinch. They took out the frying pans, carved up the breast and fried it. The party was a success.

I am sure there are many more stories. Some will remember helping wash dishes and cleaning up after a party, etc.

Let us hope that future generations will have memories of the hall for their memory banks.

Thanks again Coldstream Women’s Institute.

The CWI will still continue as a club and new members are always welcome.


Angie Kitcher