Thanks coaches

Family praises the dedication of volunteer coaches in all sports

Throughout this season, our boys have demonstrated enormous skill growth while maintaining a fun attitude and love of hockey.

As parents, it was busy getting them to their practices and games, but watching them on the ice made the busy schedule worth it.

What was easy to overlook, however, was the reason that every practice was developmentally appropriate and every game was a challenge, yet sportsmanship trumped winning.

It was the effort of their coaches, Spencer Ward, Shane Gillman, Sean Matile, Monty Hogberg, Justin Joe, Ryan Williamson, Troy Jones and Jim Vandenbrand, that made this such an outstanding year.

The planning by head coaches Spencer and Justin, likely done during time away from their own families (or times when all they wanted was some beauty sleep), was truly appreciated. Thank you.

So, to all coaches taking off their skates, stacking basketballs, volleyballs, and rings or lacing up their soccer cleats, whether you hear it or not, please know that you are appreciated.

You make a positive difference in the lives of our children.

The kids get it, and although they may not know how to say it, please understand that the next time you get a fist pump, high five, or shy shoulder shrug, what they are really saying is, “Thank you.”

From all kids everywhere who love their coaches, thank you.

Michael, Carrie, Madison,

Ashton and Preston Sutch